Welcome to 9th St.

video rental storeRemember back to the good ole days when a night’s entertainment meant that you would load up in your car and venture out to the nearest video rental store? You would spend hours looking for titles that were both old and new. They were the days before DVDs could be shipped through the mail and Redbox could spit them out of a machine. They were the days when families searched for the perfect movie for family night and now you can experience it again.

Know Where to Look

video storeIf you miss the days of checking out a movie the old-fashioned way, chances are good; you can search for a video store in your local area and find one. They are not commonly used anymore in smaller towns. They are more of a hidden gem than they used to be, but they are still used by many dedicated movie fans. You should keep in mind that virtually every city has a video store in it, so you may have to travel a little to get to the movies that you love, but these older style video stores often have movies that you will never find in a kiosk.

The Movies You Want

classic movies

Whether you enjoy documentaries, classics, independent films, world cinemas, or cult favorites; there are still some old video stores, like 9th Street Video, that still have the films you enjoy. They also have new releases. This single video store has more than 11,000 films for you to consider taking home tonight. You can browse through everything or you can ask for help from a friendly staff member who can point you in the right direction if you are interested in one genre of movie. Their purpose is to know all about the movies that are available and what they can do to help you find something that will meet your needs, but they are not the only ones that are available. Many old video stores have gone out of business since they were unable to keep up with the other video rental options in price, but not all of them have closed their doors.

What Will You Watch Tonight?

What type of movies do you enjoy watching the most? Are you ready to spend quality time with your family, showing them the classics that you were raised watching? If so, you can do it by giving your kids and grand-kids the total experience of going to the video rental store, searching through endless title options, and then sitting at home with a big bowl of popcorn. The possibilities are unending and the memories you create today will be just as great as the ones that you remember from years ago. What more could you hope for? The hardest part for most people is simply trying to decide which of the thousands of movies they want to spend their night watching. Do you have an idea of what you would watch before you go or do you need a helpful movie buff staff member help you find the right movies?