Welcome To 9th St.Video.com
9th Street Video has the most extensive collection of any video store in Missouri. We are a locally-owned business, and serious about all types of film - independent cinema, documentaries, classics, cult favorites, and world cinema. We also have the new releases found in the other video outlets, but in the uncut version. There are over 11,000 films to consider, should you be up to that kind of challenge.

If you are inflicted with indecisiveness, or need a film on a specific topic, our film-maniacal staff can help you find something to meet your entertainment or educational needs.

The store is now at 10 Hitt Street, about a block south of Broadway. We're in the same building as Ragtag and Uprise. 573-875-4112
Check our blog for weekly updates, reviews and opinions of our newest releases. http://9thstvideo.blogspot.com/ It's all there.